Fairytale Wedding Shoes

Cinderella once showed us that a new pair of shoes and a pretty dress is all you need to find the man of your dreams and have every man and woman turn their heads in your direction. Of course this is a fairytale that we are taught as children, we later learn true beauty is within and true love is, in fact, something we fall into when two souls just click as one.

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However, Cinderella’s’ fairy godmother did tell us that a good pair of heels would lift a dress from the floor, giving a woman in a long ball gown more poise with graceful fabric movement whilst entering into a room. There is no point wearing an expensive beautiful wedding dress only to be found shuffling along the floor holding the dress in your arms. Imagine how your dress falls when it’s on the hanger, now imagine putting this directly to the floor, you lose some of its alluring beauty and momentum.

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As an accessory guru for the past too many to mention years and dealing with thousands of brides with wedding shoes, we have listed a few tips to help you on your way to choosing your glass slipper.

1. Don’t get sore feet! Choose a pair of shoes that fit correctly, there is nothing more frustrating than a pair of shoes hurting your feet to the point you need to take them off. Also, don’t spend money on shoes that hurt, this will not only damage your feet and bank balance but will ruin your day, who would want to have blisters on their honeymoon?

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2. But you cant walk in heels! If you’re not good walking in heels or you're worried you're will tower over the groom, you could also always aim for a small kitten heel. This will stop you from stumbling down the aisle and importantly still giving your dress the flow it deserves.

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3 .Dance the night away! For those dancing feet why not choose something with a strap. This will stop your shoes falling off and also stop your dress getting caught in the shoe itself. Strappy shoes with an ankle fastening are also good for those that have narrow feet or a high instep. It works on strictly come dancing!

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4. Go colourful! Why stick to the traditional ivory shoe when wedding shoes now can be one of the standout accessories to your dress. Whether it be a designer or high street, you are sure to find something special to complement your dress and theme. A short t-length dress is crying out for some fabulous show-stopping heels and they will ultimately be on display.

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5. Get your money's worth! Why spend a fortune on a pair of shoes for one day especially if your dress is too long for people to see. Choose a pair of shoes that will not only fit the above mention tips but also ones you know you can wear again and again. How will they look with those dresses you bought for your honeymoon or with your skinny jeans at home.

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6. A pedicure is a must! Beautiful shoes need beautiful feet, so be sure to get that hard flakey skin off and pretty toenails done with a good pedicure.

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7. Get your shoes photographed! Be sure to speak to your photographer beforehand about getting some amazing shots of your shoes. We love the idea of wedding rings on the heels or have a close-up shot of them on your feet.

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8. Go Bespoke! There are so many people out there that can customize your wedding shoes so why not be different?.  Have them hand painted or add a crystal embellishment to the heel. Personal touches are a great way into injecting some of your personality to your wedding.

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9. Don’t ruin your shoes! Having an outdoor wedding should not stop you from having amazing shoes. There are now heel protectors that can stop you from sinking into the grass but also protect your heels from grass stains and scuffing, serving you a multipurpose.

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10. Cherish! There is nothing more beautiful than to have your shoes later photographed with your future baby daughter or granddaughter. A great present to give her on her wedding day when she meets her prince charming.

At Abigail Grace, we understand the importance of bridal accessories and can help you choose the all-important accessory to go with your dress.

Remember that Cinderella’s shoes changed her life so don’t let bad shoes ruin yours!

We wish you a happily ever after!

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