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Wedding favours are believed to have derived from European traditions, where they were previously sweetly named Bonbonniere. This was an ornamental jar or quaint box of confectionary intended as a keepsake for guests. Centuries later, this tradition has diversified into an elaborate gift-giving and receiving function.


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Couples can feel overwhelmed by the intimidating nature of the task, as purchasing and packing favours can be daunting. In order to achieve a luxurious aesthetic without the stress, a thorough design and forward planning are imperative.


Luxury can, in fact, be inexpensive. Ensure that you have accounted for the cost of wedding favours in your overall wedding budget, and you will be fine! Take a look at these rustic oil jars with sprigs of fresh rosemary captured by Nato Weton, and styled by Polly Atkinson. These are easy and cost effective to make when buying in bulk. Easily customise your bottles by adding named cards or a descriptive note of what's inside.

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Handmade items can easily be personalised for your guests and can be very cost effective. It is a great opportunity to engage with your creativity; guests will appreciate the time and effort taken to customise your favours. 

Conversely, if you want to splurge £20 per head on wedding favours than that's great too! This is ideal for intimate weddings where guests are predominantly close family members and friends. The Ted Baker miniature champagne bottles, and Jo Malone fragrance gifts are the perfect illustration.

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Know how many guests you will be having, and ensure you have the right number of favours. If you are having a more intimate wedding then you can embrace personalisation, and spend as much time as you like on each individual favour. However, if you are having a large wedding party, ensure that quality control is actioned.

Food items are ideal for larger wedding parties, and go down a treat! Take a look at these decadent macaroons from the Natural Wedding Company.

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Furthermore, we love these playful and customised Krispy Kreme boxes, as pictured by Lucinda Photography.

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Consider the age of your guests and delineate whether differing favours would be appropriate. For example, children may suit a different favour than adults. Consider this drawing chalkboard available from The Wedding of My Dreams.

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Are your guests predominantly older? Could they benefit from a different favour? The Martha Stewart Tea & Cookies below are the perfect solution. Numerous tea bags are coupled with delicious leaf shaped biscuits.

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Style and Theme

The overall theme and colour scheme of your wedding can be incorporated into the way your favours are packaged to ensure seamlessness of style. When placed onto wedding tables, they can elevate the look of your reception both in real life and in your wedding photographs.

The decorative boxes below from Amore Luxury Wedding Stationery have a neatly folded baby pink ribbon with a pearl encrusted brooch secured at the centre. Ribbon colour can be altered for your own personal colour scheme.

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We love these gorgeous macaroons with crystal detailing from French boutique Mac Lab Bakery

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The perfect wedding favour is not necessarily the item itself, but the way in which it is presented. If your favours come pre-packaged in a box that does not compliment your wedding interior designs, consider re-packing it in a different box of your choice.

Alternatively, your favours can represent you as a couple, and be completely detached from the service and reception style. This could make them more personable and memorable, and your guests are more likely to treasure them.

Does size really matter?

It is imperative to decide on the size of your wedding favours. They can range from a small token of appreciation, like a keyring chocolate or even floral lollipops, to a larger gift of perfumes and house plants.

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Don't feel restrained by tradition, and alleviate future stress by planning as far ahead as you can.

Best wishes!

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