Our Dog Our Wedding!

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So you want your dog at your wedding and why not? Your fur baby is a big part of your family - right? And in some cases probably means a lot more to you than Vera who is your mum’s new friend at yoga and is thrilled she’s coming to your wedding. I mean it's great that mum has a new close buddy and all but your four legged friend is being carted off to some home boarding somewhere for the whole day and night! I am totally with you, it's heart wrenching leaving them behind.

I have two dogs myself one Labradoodle aged 11 called Ruby and one Goldendoodle aged 4 called Kobe. I too love my dogs very much but I would never have considered having them at my wedding because I knew my dogs would not cope (let alone me).

Me and my doodles!

Before you think about having your dogs at your wedding consider the following.

Are you certain your dog is friendly with everyone?

Now this may seem like a daft question because in your eyes your dog is the most loving, friendliest dog you will ever meet, but have you considered what would happen if he or she were to get stressed and take a dislike to Vera or worse still a child at your wedding. The consequences are just not worth it.

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Don’t cause a reaction.

Have you checked with all of your guests that no one has a fur allergy? How horrible for your guest if they have traveled 60 miles to get to you, spent a fortune on childcare, a new outfit, possibly a day unpaid leave at work etc to find that ten minutes into the wedding they are breaking out in hives, sneezing and coughing and needing to leave, with the worst case scenario of being taken to hospital. Also do all of your guests actually like dogs? If this has all been checked then also make a note for your guests not to feed your dog treats, as no one will actually know what he/she is eating and you don't want your pooch becoming ill either.

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Who are you doing it for?

Ask yourself what is your dog gaining from taking him/her to your wedding! Some dogs may love the attention and petting they will get from your guests, but lots of dogs will feel very stressed and insecure with a lot of people around them. Dogs want to be loved yes of course but they are also really only interested in who’s going to walk them or feed them. Do you have someone designated to do this? Also who’s going to clean up the doggy poop? Ask yourself again, is this so your instagram photos can look cute and is this really in the best interest of your dog!

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Check the Venue.

Some country houses and barns may love having your dog there but some may not welcome it. Also check to see if they have a residential dog at the venue as this could cause conflict for the dog that is based on site. Dogs are very territorial and some would not welcome strangers on their territory. If you do decide to take your little friend make sure there is enough shade, water and somewhere safe for him/her to remove themself from the chaos.

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It’s the dog and us.

Make sure that you are also mentally able to cope with the stress of your dog being around at your wedding, it can be another worry if you’re a natural worrier to start with.  When all the above has been double checked and consider and Bertie the Basset Hound is still coming with you then ensure you plan for him and your day.

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Check what role he/she is playing at your wedding. This could be best dog, dog of honor, ring bearer or even there to have in your family photos and then practice, practice, practice you don't want an unruly dog pulling your little flower girl down the aisle just because he's too pleased to see you.

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Make sure you have a designated dog minder for the day, someone needs to be looking out for him/her making sure your pooch is not eating your £600 wedding cake!

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You prep for your wedding so why not have him prepped too by taking your fur baby to the dog groomer. Muddy paws, long hair in his eyes or her dirty backside might not be the look you were aiming for.

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I stress again - make sure your pooch has food, water, shade and a quiet space to take time out during the day. Too many people all the time can be overwhelming.

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What ever you decide to do be sure you can enjoy your day with no added stresses. If your cuddly friend cannot be there and you would like to include them, then why not have a little illustration done of your dog and have this somehow in your wedding stationary.

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Remember your dog will love you unconditionally no matter what.

Love and puppy hugs


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