The Beauty of Handmade Bridal Accessories


Designing, crafting and creating with love provide a certain luxury to handmade bridal accessories that cannot be found in the manufactured. Bespoke pieces offer individuality and personalisation, ensuring that your accessory is truly one of a kind. Abigail Grace Bridal Accessories are made to order, allowing alterations in line with client specifications.

Using only the finest components, our accessory selections exude elegance and intricacy, and can be passed down from generation to generation. Time and hard work are invested into each and every single piece, as we retain the quality and luxury that we are renowned for. As stated, there are countless benefits to handmade bridal accessories, some of which we have listed below.

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Handmade is BESPOKE

Handmade items allow for design changes to accommodate your own vision. Perhaps you had a specific design in mind that you have been unable to find elsewhere? Perhaps you would like to alter the quantity of pearls, crystals, or beads on your bridal headpiece or jewellery?

The ease of alteration and modification is what makes handmade accessories so unique. Feel free to change the colour, size and shape to your liking. Family heirlooms can also be a lovely addition to an accessory; a grandmother’s pearl necklace or earrings, for example, can be interlaced into your own pieces. This is a lovely way to commemorate relatives and keep loved ones close.  

Furthermore, distinctiveness and originality can be easily achieved. Wedding colour schemes and themes can be emanated through bridal accessories too, which can offer a unique and stylistic focal point on the day. Even your something blue could adorn your bridal jewellery.

Handmade is COMFORT

Handmade accessories can be customised for comfort too. All materials and components are hand-picked by our Head Designer and Founder of Abigail Grace. Given our experience and understanding of the bridal industry, we are aware that the rigid nature of manufactured pieces can lead to anxiety and discomfort. Therefore, we ensure that every handmade design functions for comfort just as well as they do for aesthetics and beauty.

Many of our designs are set on flexible wire, which allows for them to be moulded securely and comfortably. Those set on headbands are wrapped in ribbon to soften the edges. This ribbon is accurately matched to your hair colour, to ensure seamlessness.

Handmade is LUXURY

Our beautifully handmade bridal headpieces and jewellery are crafted using only the finest quality components. Side by side with this material luxury is the luxurious service offered at our showroom. Face to face consultations are held to discuss your individual ideas and inspiration. This is also a chance for us to get to know you, which allows us to picture your vision when making your accessories. We strive to personalise our products, and engage with you in order to do so. Consultations are also an opportunity for you to try on accessories and experiment with different styles, as we assist you with expert advice.

Handmade allows for you to follow your bridal accessories through a journey, from the moment you sit down in our showroom, to when you unravel the Abigail Grace ribbon and see your accessory for the first time, nestled in its box.

Here at Abigail Grace Bridal Accessories, it is our pleasure to hand make stunning headpieces and jewellery for you. We feel honoured to be a part of your day, and feel immense pride in the success and complimentary reaction to all designs. 

Lots of love and sparkles x

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