Veils and Traditions

There are many wedding traditions that have been passed down generation after generation. The one that has withstood the test of time is the wedding veil. 

Wedding veils have always been an item to symbolise purity, chastity and modesty. It used to be believed that a veil would protect the bride on her wedding day from evil spirits as they would be attracted to her. Therefore, the veil was used to conceal her face. 

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When veils were first around, they were made with heirloom lace and fine silks. In most cases, the length indicated the wealth of the wearer. A bride who wore a cathedral length veil was known to be a very wealthy women. 

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Two-tiered veils are worn over the face because superstition suggests that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride on their wedding day, before they are married. This is why the veil covers the brides face and then, once married, the bride, bride's father or groom lifts the second tier behind the brides head. 

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Even with this there are rules...

If the groom lifts the veil from the brides face, it is believed to indicate that the male has the main role in the marriage. However, if the bride lifts the veil herself, it means she is an independant woman. If the bride's father lifts the veil from her face, it symbolises him giving his daughter away to start her new life. 

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