Where to Start?

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The world of accessories can be overwhelming, from hair vines to lace cuffs, the options are pretty much endless, however, it is easy to get carried away with accessorising and the last thing you want to do is "over do it". When you are blinded by the amount of sparkle on offer, you must remember your dress is the centre piece, and the rest of what you wear needs to compliment it and accentuate its style. So where to start...

Our first question to you is what is your dress like? Is it vintage inspired with lace? A 1950's tea length dress? A princess line, column or fishtail dress? Heavily embellished with diamantes, pearls or both? Champagne, white or ivory? Strapless or halterneck neckline?

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These are all things that will determine what and how you should accessorise. The style of your dress should be matched with the same style of accessories, for example a vintage inspired lace dress should be worn with darker rhodium plated silver for an ornate look as opposed to bright modern silver accessories. A lace cuff is a perfect alternative to a bracelet which will not catch on the lace.

With tea length dresses, birdcage veils look fabulous for a 1950's style. If you are not feeling bold enough for a full birdcage veil we also sell mini versions which give a token of that quirky style.

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Also with shorter dresses, your shoes are going to be on full display and therefore need some careful consideration. How about having them dyed to match your bridesmaid's dresses? Or blue shoes for that all important "something blue"?

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When it comes to accessorising a champagne dress, gold accessories are the most complimentary as silver can sometimes look harsh up against the richer champagne tones. The ivory shimmer in fresh water pearls also looks great with gold and champagne dresses. 

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A general rule for you when it comes to jewellery is: if you have a lot of detail or embellishment around the neckline of your dress, avoid a necklace. Instead go for a drop earring or statement stud and a bracelet. For dresses with little detail or embellishment then you can afford to wear more jewellery to add a bit of sparkle to your overall look. Where ever possible, the embellishment on your dress should match the detail in your jewellery and head piece, for example a dress embellished with diamantes only, should be worn with diamante accessories without the incorporation of pearls, and vice versa.

And finally, for all hair accessories, no matter what your dress is like, how you are styling your hair will make a big difference to what and how you decorate the hair. Combs and hair vines sit best with hair up or at least some hair pinned up, tiaras generally need hair with a bit of volume behind it and hair pins are best used to decorate an intricate up do. Side tiaras and headband however are the most versatile and can generally be worn with any hairstyle or short hair that can only be worn down.  

Hopefully we have answered a few of your accessory dilemmas or at least given you some questions to ask yourself so that you have a better idea of where to start. If you are still feeling clueless or have more unanswered questions then do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to give you all the accessory guidance you require. 

Happy accessorising! 

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