Inspired by the beautiful vine called Abilene Clematis, this alluring pin-in headdress is sure to please any bridal style. With one larger flower in the middle of the vine comprising of freshwater keishi petal pearls and a diamante centre surrounded by tiny freshwater pearls, triplets of Swarovski glass crystal pearls and delicate sparkles of tiny crystals. Abilene trails both ends with smaller petals and vines either side with two small loops to be pinned just about anywhere in the hair. Our model is wearing this headpiece at the back, but this romantic hair vine can be worn to any side of the head.

Abilene measures approximately 25cm in length, and 5cm at its widest point.

Abilene also comes as a necklace.


 Photo by Venetia Norrington Photography

Abilene Hair Vine


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